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Mitsubishi Al Mulla.

Case Study: Automotive
No.of Leads: 100 (Test Drive)
Market: Kuwait

During 2018, Mitsubishi was looking for more Leads to increase sales during the Ramadan Season

Duration – 1 month

Over 60% People positively responded over the phone

Around 25% People have booked an appointment to visit store

15% People visited the store to initiate sale process

Remaining Users were re-targeted in future promotions

National Bank of Kuwait.

Case Study: Banking
No.of Leads: 100 (Applications)
Market: Kuwait

During World Cup 2018, NBK was looking for more applicants for their FIFA world cup credit cards

Duration – 1 month

Over 70% People positively responded over the phone

40% Applicants booked an appointment to visit the branch

20% People got accepted and initiated the process

Remaining Users will be re-targeted in future promotions


Case Study: Realestate
Market: KSA & Bahrain

Alargan Group wanted to generate sales leads in both KSA & Bahrain for the launch of its project Beyout Alargan Bahrain

210 Leads generated in the first 2 weeks of the campaign interested in investing


Case Study: Retail
Market: Global

Wishalbas is a website targeting young designers to display their latest designs. Linking the shopper with the designers in a user friendly website.

Ongoing revenue share model based on generating online sales